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Was it right for Nepal to join the US-led international coalition against terrorism?

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SNo : 1 Sep 25 2001 4:42PM By : udav, JACOBONEEIGHTFIVE@yahoo.com

ofcourse, this is right to support international coalition against terrorism but this not right to destroy afghanistan, on the name of osama bin laden.


SNo : 2 Sep 25 2001 5:25PM By : AKAL, akal33@hotmail.com



SNo : 3 Sep 25 2001 5:34PM By : Sri ganashyanama Dhapasi katjmandu, sgn@yahoo.com

Nepal has signed in the charter of NAM convention.So we must protect this unique feature.Although it may be rigbht for Nepal.But it is not a right or wrong question.We are unable to manage our internal security not by other by ourselves,then how we are able to solve the other's problem by joining a big group.So we maintain our good diplomatic relation being as a neutral country in such terror activities.


SNo : 4 Sep 25 2001 5:45PM By : downwithterrorist

If anyone has any doubt regarding these terrorist then first of all he should clear his mind. For these bastard every one not following Allah is their enemy. There target is not only christian and jews they have destroyed Buddhas statue, hindu tample etc. Creating troubles in China, in Chechenya everywhere. So its better to finish these bastard as early as possible if we want a world full of peace and harmony. So the government decesion to join the US led coalition against ISlamist terrorism is appropriate. We should not listen to communist fools. Let them bark. Its their duty to bark.


SNo : 5 Sep 25 2001 5:50PM By : kunjan, r_kunjan@hotmail.com

Its right to fight against terrorism in whatever way we can. Why don't we grab the opportunity to help such a mission? We should help USA also anyway as there is an idiom that "if to rest under a tree, why not a large tree?"


SNo : 6 Sep 25 2001 6:21PM By : Daijhi, Daijhi@aol.com

A policy of non alignment is established under Article 25 of the Constitution and it should not be ignored. Although the American led coalition against terrorism has good logic and purpose, the results of any military action may not be aimed at terrorism alone. Many nations have expressed limitations to their support in fear of the war becoming an excuse for America to strengthen its grip over international affairs. I belive Nepal should do the same. Bringing the terrorists to justice is a fair policy to support. But supporting American bombings that may be seen as reprisals on innocent Muslim civilians will cause resentment from which Nepal will draw no benefit. It should not be forgotten that America supported Iraq, the Afghan government and Bin Laden when it suited them in the past. We can only hope that America does not betray our trust in the future as it did to them.


SNo : 7 Sep 25 2001 6:26PM By : Khojtalas

Send RNA not only to keep peace but also to fight against terrorism. In Afghanistan, these terrorist destroyed 2000 years Buddha's statue. In western nepal, another terrorist group called Maoist threw out a god's statue from the temple. There is no difference between Taliban and Maoist group. So Nepal must join hand in hand to fight against terrorism, and eliminate from its root such as Bin laden, Prachande, Baburam, Hamas etc.


SNo : 8 Sep 25 2001 7:07PM By : save nepal, Rajesh.

That's right to distroy the terrorists every places in the world, but who will listen to Nepalese peoples, that is blaffs,, whether nepal want to support to the UAS or not, nothiing will be change, becouse nepal's leaders they can not lead and save the own peoples then what the other?? one of the country was safe in the world ,Nepal , no one country to threaten in nepal so why we need the army and police if they can no secure and save the peoples withen the own internal war, so we don't need army no more then 10,000, and Police are only 25000,rest of the menpower is useless, if nepalese poeples they want to joine the hands that is the safe and that will developed our own country and every one can enjoy in the Nepal.


SNo : 9 Sep 25 2001 7:07PM By : Murkhasing

nam and fight saagainst terorism are two different subjects. Political alliance based on ideology and crimal activities most not be kept on the same level. prachanda and maoist and some leftist have objected this while the whole international community are agaist it. So prachanda maoist are terrorist and their way of killing people does not differ with taht of Talebans.While thes e extremist have not gain so much strength they must be rooted out for ever so that majority can live in peace. because of these peole Nepal is going to be split into pieces. Look at the recent development of Tarai tigers. NIN Panchaya time the people of Tarai hhad felt that they are too Nepali. These extemis ahave made them to thinkthemselve like the muslims in India felt once during the time Mohama Zinha.So In order to save tNepal form being torn apart prachanda , Babram and their followers must be killed. Prachanda's apology is not enough for what they have done. InUsing soft language baburam and Prachnda are deceiving the people of Nepal and other political leaders. beware of ---


SNo : 10 Sep 25 2001 7:09PM By : A. Acharya, andrewacharya@hotmail.com

i agree with Habakuk Rana. If Nepal joins with the US army, it ahould be sure that the Indian Hindu religion in Nepal should be destroyed. Then there will be no more Maoists. People are becoming Maoists because they are exploited by dirty Hinduism. Dirty Feudal system. Caste system. Women supressing system. The father of all these evils is Hindu religion. If this is uprooted then the army and police do not need to kill poor Maoists because they will themselves will be peaceful people. The Kingdom of God will be established.


SNo : 11 Sep 25 2001 7:23PM By : Sahaj Sharma, Simusharma@aol.com

It is absolutely right for Nepal to join the US-led international coalition against terrorism. Osama and Teliban was going out of control by destroying Buddha temple, next thing they were about to do was killing Hindu and Buddist of that region(they can be identified by yellow ribbion now)They are badly descriminating based on religion and sex. US should have done this long time ago, Nepal should send RNA to join the US and international force to teach lesson to terrorist Osama and Teliban.


SNo : 12 Sep 25 2001 7:25PM By : suzita, suzita19@yahoo.com

Whatever be the decision of the Americans,we know they are smart that's y US are the most powerful country in the world,can't deny the fact can we?But hey! just note the thing that we;infact all, are bein' used by them in one or other way.Now it's time to wake up and realise that those cunnin' ppl are doin' it for their own good,not for WAR AGAINST TERRORISM.Nepalese govt should be more inclined to our own internal affairs rather than of others.Finally,LONG LIVE OUR COUNTRY-NEPAL AND NEPALESE PEOPLE.


SNo : 13 Sep 25 2001 7:53PM By : reader

In my opinion the Nepalese Gov. did very right decision by supporting USA. It makes the diplomatic relation with USA better than ever as well as it’s a declaration by our people that we do not want any terrorist act. USA may not need any of our facility but we can still help USA and do favor to ourselves by eliminating terrorist factors active in Nepal. Now in the verse of this wave of patriotism it’s very sad for some people to argue in the issue of religion. Even the leader of this war has repeatedly stressed that this is not the war against any particular religion. As for #9 and # 12 and others who do not like any other who want to eliminate Hinduism or any other religion, all I have is pity and sympathy for not understanding the rooted philosophy of their respective religion. I pray to their respective holy figures to give them some sense of respect to other religions and better understanding of their own. I share the #6’s idea but don’t you think that we need to get rid of our dearest dog when it goes mad!


SNo : 14 Sep 25 2001 8:00PM By : deva

SNo : 7 By : Daijhi, Daijhi@aol.com is just wrong, plain wrong. Article no. 25 (see below) of the constitution does not say anything about non-alignment, neither any thing like this is stated in any of the 133 articles of the constitution. As usual Nepal is just made of rumors and so many just believe it. I just feel bad about the very poor education level we have achieved.------------------------------- 25. Directive Principles of the State: (1) It shall be the chief objective of the State to promote conditions of welfare on the basis of the principles of an open society, by establishing a just system in all aspects of national life, including social, economic and political life, while at the same time protecting the lives, property and liberty of the people. (2) The fundamental economic objective of the State shall be to transform the national economy into an independent and self-reliant system by preventing the available means and resources of the country from being concentrated within a limited section of society, by making arrangements for the equitable distribution of economic gains on the basis of social justice, by making such provisions as will prevent economic exploitation of any class or individual, and by giving preferential treatment and encouragement to national enterprises, both private and public . (3) The social objective of the State shall be to establish and develop, on the foundation of justice and morality, a healthy social life, by eliminating all types of economic and social inequalities and by establishing harmony amongst the various castes, tribes, religions, languages, races and communities. (4) It shall be the chief responsibility of the State to maintain conditions suitable to the enjoyment of the fruits of democracy through wider participation of the people in the governance of the country and by way of decentralisation, and to promote general welfare by making provisions for the protection and promotion of human rights, by maintaining tranquility and order in the society. (5) The State, in its international relations, shall be guided by the objective of enhancing the dignity of the nation in the international arena by maintaining the sovereignty, integrity and independence of the country.


SNo : 15 Sep 25 2001 8:08PM By : damanendra

NO. We the people of Nepal deeply sympathise with the brave hard working people of USA for the suffering this terrible terrible heinous crime has befallen on them. and we also agree that the culprits must be punished as a deterrent lesson for future could-be terrorists. However, we should not be a part of US-led army, but we should gladly participate in any UN-led activity which should take the responsibility now as those dead are from many countries, all the UN-member states. Mr. Habakuk Rana, keep your opinion to yourself, the opinion like yours or the likes of Bin-Laden are same, as such a potiential terrorist of the future. So we the people of the world should nip-in-the-bud such opinion makers to refrain them from provoking the zealots, and make our mother earth peaceful, where everyone can co-exist and pray to the almighty in the way of their respective beliefs. Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina, Sarve santu Niramaya....etc...


SNo : 16 Sep 25 2001 8:09PM By : Deva

Bomb them with butter, bribe them with hope............... A military response, particularly an attack on Afghanistan, is exactly what the terrorists want. It will strengthen and swell their small but fanatical ranks. Instead, bomb Afghanistan with butter, with rice, bread, clothing and medicine. It will cost less than conventional arms, poses no threat of US casualties and just might get the populace thinking that maybe the Taliban don't have the answers. After three years of drought and with starvation looming, let's offer the Afghani people the vision of a new future. One that includes full stomachs. Bomb them with information. Video players and cassettes of world leaders, particularly Islamic leaders, condemning terrorism. Carpet the country with magazines and newspapers showing the horror of terrorism committed by their "guest". Blitz them with laptop computers and DVD players filled with a perspective that is denied them by their government. Saturation bombing with hope will mean that some of it gets through. Send so much that the Taliban can't collect and hide it all. The Taliban are telling their people to prepare for Jihad. Instead, let's give the Afghani people their first good meal in years. Seeing your family fully fed and the prospect of stability in terms of food and a future is a powerful deterrent to martyrdom. All we ask in return is that they, as a people, agree to enter the civilized world. That includes handing over terrorists in their midst. In responding to terrorism we need to do something different. Something unexpected, something that addresses the root of the problem. We need to take away the well of despair, ignorance and brutality from which the Osama bin Laden's of the world water their gardens of terror. It is important that we learn to think in NEW ways. If we continue attacking in the old ways we will get the same old results. Look at what has been happening in the middle east for thousands of years to see what we can expect if we attack with bombs and military force. Do we want to live a life of fear as people in the middle east do?


SNo : 17 Sep 25 2001 11:18PM By : ausadhi, murkhakoausadhichhan.com

First of all the comments on the topic. In my view, it is right to join the team that vows to eradicate terrorism. We had never experienced terrorism in our history, but few smart brains like bin laden are trying to distablise our country for the cause which could not be justified in the civilised world. We had given them enough opportunities to come to the mainstream, and given ample time to reconsider the path they have taken, but instead they have been thinking that by terrorising the people they will snatch the reign. What are we looking at now? We should also declare these people as terrorist and eradicate from the earth. But still as peace loving and being humanitarian they should be given last warning to come to the main stream. If they think they can only shed the common man's blood, we should do what we can to save our innocent people. they have made the land an evil place to live. All industrial, financial and commercial activities have almost come to a halt and our economy has paralysed because of these handful of disguised evil on earth. About few comments expressed regarding religion seem to pain me because of the level of understanding they have. I am not against any religion, but if somebody says that he is only right, then I am bound to believe that he is a nut. And wasting our time and effort in giving them bad names will only spoil our equilibrium. "naya mulla dherai pyaj khanchha", is what it sounds by looking into their views. The only lesson any religion teaches us are the harmony and sacrifice for other's betterment. But all have been distorted and made people mad and fanatic for nothing. Live and let others live too, should be the main motto of all of us. Let GOD save us in this 21st century's threat.


SNo : 18 Sep 25 2001 11:21PM By : Nepali

It would be ideal for Nepal to not get involved militarily in this coalition because it would open Nepal to a host of international problems that our government has no ability to handle. On the other had, maybe this is a good thing. If Nepal gets involved, our leaders are forced to be a bit more sensible than they are with domestic affairs. Also, it sends a strong signal internally against the Maoists (since they are terrorists as well)


SNo : 19 Sep 25 2001 11:30PM By : Despremi Kanchho, Dubai., man_kanchha@yahoo.com



SNo : 20 Sep 26 2001 3:35AM By : somar pady, somarpady@aol.com

sure, nepal cannot be separate from the world community thatway nepal has to join the coalition which is led by US againt the terrorism. terrorism becoming worst for human civilization. as a view of no 9 i'm totally disagree with him , nepal is not becoming poor cuz of idol worhipping.it is created by hindu class division(discrimination)untouchble people canot come for leadership. those are majority people in nepal.minority supresss the majority . which is distingush like a taliban and northern allience in afgan. nepal has to support US to eradicate mullaism like a talibani.thank you.


SNo : 21 Sep 26 2001 5:02AM By : Deshbhakta nepali

I think it is best idea to join USA led against terrorism.But we nepalese are unfortunate that we have doublestsndered Comunist like UML and other Jharpat communist. What they think is same like Muslim.i.e Communist and Muslims are same. Most of the Terrorist in the world are either muslim or communist. We can see Muslim terrorist in South America, Nepal and Muslim everywhere. What's wrong to support usa against terrorism?Why UML and othercommunist leader are not thinking that?This world is changing and no one like communist except people like us(nepalese). WE SHOULD SUPPORT PM DEUBA FOR HIS SUPPORT TO USA. Terrorist are harmfull for all including communist leader. So What is the point to raise voice against Deuba? that who has died by terroist. Only those who are supporting comminism and Muslim fundamentalist are against USA and world. Even NEPAL do not recognize Taliban and their government so why should we worry to them. It is our comminist leader's crying no thing else. SO HELP DEUBA AND HELP USA.But some chamcha of chiristian line s.no 32 are taking advantage to write against Hindusim. Is there any voilece and terrorist activities by Hindu?I think it is doller speaking.


SNo : 22 Sep 26 2001 6:10AM By : RB, sweetheart@yahoo.com

The action related to terrorism should not be inspired so that any innocent people be affected with such activities. But it is necessary for prime minister Deuba to have concent or approval from the cabinet before he commits to any agreement. My opinion is to keep very much under control of the government. GIVE NO CHANCE TO TERRORISM


SNo : 23 Sep 26 2001 7:12AM By : tt, tt

This is a very stupid question. The whole world has joined the US against its fight against terrorism.So how could a small Nepal dare to ignore America's call.It will get no AID from anywhere if it decides not to support america.And,regarding Nepal allowing its air for American planes-To tell u the truth, the US fighter planes cannot enter Nepal-we have such tortuous mountains-the geography is too damn dangerous and where will those planes land even if they will land-on our head i assume-we do not even have a decent tarmac.


SNo : 24 Sep 26 2001 10:55AM By : PEACE!, PEACE@yahoo.com

This isn't a Nepalese Problem and it is a Solely US Created Problem. There is not any responsibility to Nepalese to Support War. Nepalese must be ashamed by the Nepalese govt. decision to permit the US plane in nepal. It's country of Buddha.Not the country of Money.


SNo : 25 Sep 26 2001 11:18AM By : zapatista

News: Maoists killed Nim Lal Rokka, an activist of the UML, after he refused to feed and lodge them at his home in Rolpa recently....That's one more Nepali that won't be celebrating Dasein with his family....To get back to the topic, it's nice to take so much interest in containing international terrorism. But why is the government (and the political parties, the royal palace, the RNA etc..) so silent when it comes to the killing of civilians in the country? Are we to assume that killing by the Maoists should be considered patriotic, while killings by all others should be condemned as terrorism?


SNo : 26 Sep 26 2001 11:37AM By : Gurung, gurung32@hotmail.com

US must start to bombart in Afganistan at once.Why are they doing late?they must be destryoed as they destroy our Budda statu.


SNo : 27 Sep 26 2001 1:50PM By : subarna

Yes, Yes! we must join hands to rid this world of virus that is causing a global problem. Do you think the maoists are working on their own, I don't think so otherwise how can Baburam and Prachanda send their kids to boarding schools not even in Nepal but abroad! how could they acquire weapons when our police don't have good enough weapons, this is because there is a huge global network of terrorists. We must note that if terrorists do not believe in religion, boundaries, we too who wish to seek peace, join hands and think like the terrorists - no religion, no boundaries and we'll be able to control the plague like the way the world controlled small pox.


SNo : 28 Sep 26 2001 2:48PM By : mukesh garg, mikegarg@usa.net

Well,september 11 must have filed as the most darkest day in the history of terrorist attack on America for which going for a war seems to be reasonable.But is war the only solution or can it cease any furhter replication of such attack. Remember,it is not the outcome of a recent history. So America should find a better way rather than going for a war which can act as a permanent treatment against such deeds.


SNo : 29 Sep 26 2001 3:11PM By : Yam Gurung, gaeso@wlink.com.np

No!Nepal is the bithplace of Buddha."Ambassador of Peace."If the super nation like U.S.and its puppets will follow the real Buddha's peace message than there will be no hatered,violence and terrorism in this world!There wil be no need to spend billions of dollars to build the weapons of mass distruction to kill the innocent peoples around the globe.And there will be no arms race and money and power business.If these super nations follow."One of the most cherished principles around which universal human rights are based is the principle of rule of law."Every body in this globe will leave happily ever after.


SNo : 30 Sep 26 2001 3:12PM By : mike garg, mikegarg@usa.net

For Nepal it is important to take any action considering its economic condition, and looking the present position, Nepal need to join such American coalition.Not because majority of them are doing so,but the economic prospect of Nepal suggests so.Nepal is not in a condition of opposing America and the joining of Nepal to American coalition can do some better rather than doing otherwise.


SNo : 31 Sep 26 2001 4:44PM By : Jay sri Ram, jsr65@wlink.com.np

Nepal should not join any such organisation either it is terrorist or anti terrorist.It is the duty of these countries who are involved in terrorist activities.


SNo : 32 Sep 26 2001 4:48PM By : 24 open your eyes

To Mr. 24. Ofcourse Nepal is country of Buddha but do you know these bastard Talibans had bombed Buddhas statue itself? We should support who so ever takes on these bastard.


SNo : 33 Sep 26 2001 5:32PM By : Lets get united, neupane@mail.com

Its about time that Nepal needs to do wake up and learn from what America is trying to do- eradicate terrorism from the face of the earth. That's something it can at least do not just to support US but to support global peace program. US has been supporting Nepal all this time and its about time Nepal needs to pay back at least by offering anything it can to the US. If Nepal denys any support to the US then Nepal might as well join the Taleban coalition. After all they are not too far behind. Don't even think of Nepal as a beautiful peaceful country like it used to be a decade ago. Its no more. So wake up and support US all you can.


SNo : 34 Sep 26 2001 6:25PM By : yonzon

It is absolutely right for Nepal to join the mainstream. Sher BDr Deuba is in a very strategic advantage by doing so. Maoists are beginning to show their weak signs and split inside their inner-circle. But it is also good to negotiate further as lot of progress have been achieved. It is difficult and long journey, but that's the only alternative. it is good to hear that Int'l routes are being provided to private airs. We dont need another pathetic RNAC team. They had their time of 30 yrs and did not materilzed. Now it is time for private. I am impressed with present govt in handling all these matters. Go Sher..Go..Go..Go..


SNo : 35 Sep 26 2001 6:34PM By : simon acharya

Sno. 10. I agree with you partially. Nepal has a caste problem specially at the top. They are smart and leading the country. They think they are untouchable. But they are also very corrupt. And they dont care about people and country. In fact, they cant even trust their own family when it comes to money and power. Do you think Nepal will ever develop? They dont like Newari.


SNo : 36 Sep 26 2001 7:17PM By : kes

Absolutely !! If anyone says no, it is nothing but just jelous with United States and its development.


SNo : 37 Sep 26 2001 7:21PM By : A nepali, chor420baburamprachandra@maobadi.com

We have to support all the countries who is trying to remove terrorist from the world. It is good for all human being. If Maobadi kills innocent Neplese people then one day they will be same as Taleban in Afganisthan! So maobadi do not kill innocent people and do not rape innocent girls and stop giving threaten to business and collecting money from them. If you do not stop these activities then you are same as Taleban!


SNo : 38 Sep 26 2001 7:25PM By : nepali, makune@uml.com

Hey UML and Communist leaders i saw you asking for donations when you were here in Northamerica from People. I saw you and listened you guys trying to send your son and daughter in USA for study. I saw you drunk when you were in USA and now your not supporting the whole world to eliminate the terrorist! Nepal should help to USA and whole world to eliminate the terrorist! You communist leader you are son of a bitch!





SNo : 40 Sep 26 2001 7:40PM By : Rbb raj.

The Taliban has destroy the Buddha's statu in their country, so now they get the punishment with heavy Bombard. i like to support to the US descision to distroy to terrorism in the world and withen the country.lets bring the bin laden to nepal and lats US to attack internal terrorist and Gov to help them for their dession.


SNo : 41 Sep 26 2001 7:57PM By : Meronepalbachirahosh, Deshbhaktanepaligaule@hotmail.com

Absolutely Yes, Nepal should join Anti-terrorist coalition. As we all nepalese r also facing same problem like U.S. Maoist are also terrorist and they are aided by international terrorist organization like RIM, People's War Group, and ISI. They are terrorist as they are killing people day by day and spreading and swaying public opinion by propoganda, rumour. They just want to come to government and kill people like in Combodia, Vietnam or East Germany. They just want to fully use illeterate people in their self interest by giving them dreams of wealth and land. They do know that they can't get success in their every steps. So Nepal also should join anti-terrorist campaign and destroy all terrorist from all over the world nor humankind and brotherhood will be destroyed which can be the devastation of the world. Tomorrow we can be in the earth or not. It is not sure if the terrorism increases in this way.


SNo : 42 Sep 26 2001 8:00PM By : Shivsena, shivsena@hotmail.com



SNo : 43 Sep 26 2001 8:22PM By : demachi, drunk@nanglo.pub

Why dont we send our leaders along their spouses (all our leaders travel with their spouces) to Afganisthan to negociate with the Talibans and bring Bin Laden with them and handover him to the Amrikans ? Our leaders are capable of doing this with their eyes closed. Otherwise, see the Indian FM has guts to brand the maoists as "terrorists" but our leaders have had no ba.lls.


SNo : 44 Sep 26 2001 8:38PM By : nepali chora, prats007jp@yahoo.com

if Nepal will help America i the terroist attack then the muslim countries might turn theire target to Nepal.At this state it'll be a great trouble. Afghanistan have also given warning to all countries saying that the country that'll help America wil get into trouble . i've also heard that after that world warIII will start. Just think who'll want to suffer in that war.We have to take precausions from now only. if


SNo : 45 Sep 26 2001 8:54PM By : An Observer

It will be good idea to ask USA to drop some bombs in Rolpa district. We have to eradicate terroism form the world.


SNo : 46 Sep 26 2001 9:03PM By : magar,dukhi

Yes,US must strike hard upon the Bin Laden's head as well as Talibans' .And whole world is supporting directly or indirectly to US because we all want to eradicate this plague of the world.Nepal must stand next to US to support fully.We peacelovers and to make our generations' better and peaceful world we're ready to sacrifice our life.Maoists are also terroists,Bin Laden is their god,Taliban is their organisation.They killed Nim Lal Rokka Magar just for nothing.A poor farmer who dies for nothing.Is this human right,Padmaratna Tuladhar?Is this human right you leaders so called killers's heads? This is the last chance for maoists killers to sit on the table of talk through which this killing field's story can be terminated.That will be for Nepal ,we nepalese people and for whole world too.If they tried to deceive the government this time,they are not people,they are beasts.They should be chased and destroyed from all the fronts.A huge volunteers like me is ready for anti terrorism war.From inside and outside the country they should be totally harrassed and destroyed.Why to die for nothing like Nim Lal Rokka?In fact this is the maoists' justice,their politics.How these people think for our nation's bright future.Their activities have been showing their real face which is killer and they want to kill people like Pol Pot killed about half of the people of his country.Mero desh mero ho ra hamro ho,kina maarchhau,marchhau.Timi ramrai bhayeko bhayeta chunaab ladtheu ani shasan chalautheu.timi marerai ra timro daajubhaailaai maarerai testo ke chhara timro hulmaa?desh yehi ho,maato yehi ho.janata yehi ho .timiharu pani haami jastai hau.haamisabaiko khubi yeutai chha.nahune sapana dekhera,dekhayera kina timi hamilaai maarchhau?Today you're able to kill people who live in Rolpa,Rukum ,tomorrow you may be asking for your life before them .What you think my killer friends?Testing blood of people is exiting for you but realising them is too hard,difficult may be even difficult.Yo desh baanchos,Haamisabai baanchaun.Talk will make us cheerful,we're hopeful.We'll fly our nation's flag on our huttoop,roads,tracks.We welcome you to this freedom from your wildlife.


SNo : 47 Sep 26 2001 9:20PM By : Kancha-Who's-Got-His-Geograph-Wrong

As far as making a symbolic gesture of solidarity goes, it was right for Nepal to lend support to the US. But we could have chosen something besides offering the use of our airspace and airports. Neither does Nepal have the support facilities nor is it well situated for use by any armed force led by the US.


SNo : 48 Sep 26 2001 10:20PM By : new york

dear readers of this page,if you were an eyewittness to the WTC disaster and seen 110 st building come down and seen people perish in the rubble and by any chance seen the trauma victims, let alone the anguish of the family members,this is not an isssue of supporting USA as a country but this is fighting terrorism and showing solidarity when it comes down to dealing with terrorist and showing them the value of freedom and human life.


SNo : 49 Sep 27 2001 1:26AM By : Freedom, kungchido@yahoo.com

Many of comments seem out of fact. Certainly Nepal shall be full phase democratic/Republic country first. For that constitutional monarchy is the symbol of our cowardness. Majority party's are so called party's and opportunists. Let us fix the problem at home first. Maoist shall ask for united front and ask for support from people and other sincere parties no voilence at all. Army shall open the eyes and not to act like a pet dog any more. Our Nepalese are supresses for more than 200 Yrs. it is time to speak up for nation and countrymen. Nepal can be equally peaceful and souverign without fearing both neighbouring countries.


SNo : 50 Sep 27 2001 8:07AM By : Rakesh, anbeast666@hotmail.com

Yes,US is doing right thing by gathering all support from all around the world to fight against the terrorism.But there may be much possibility of holly crises around the world, so not only the US,we all people of the world must be high alert against terrorism and holly war. In the contest of our country Nepal we have to support diplomatically.


SNo : 51 Sep 27 2001 8:28AM By : madhab, centaurieproxima@yahoo.com

we nepalese are peace loving people.Not only we raise our hand against any kind of terrorism existing at any part of world but also we strongly say that terrorism should be kicked out from the world at any rate.we express our hearltfelt condolence for american people who were killed in recent attack of terrorists. our want is that america should eradicate the terrorists but not the people of their country.america should consider that innocent people should not be suffered during eradication of terrorism . in our context ,a question arises that wheather nepal did the best by providing its sky to american for attack in afgansthan or not?in my opinion ,nepal is a country that has its on independent foreign affairs.according to which we do not have to consult any country in such situation.so i think we should perfectly be isolated either from america or afgansthan.


SNo : 52 Sep 27 2001 8:38AM By : padma ratna chor



SNo : 53 Sep 27 2001 9:58AM By : Robin Tuladhar, robtula@lovemail.com

In a symbolic gesture of peace and solidarity with the World community, it is justifiable that Nepal join the International coalition against Terrorism but any Nepal should support only the actions as required and sanctioned by the UN Charter.It would be detrimental to our National Interests draw ourselves into following the unilateral policies of the Western World.


SNo : 54 Sep 27 2001 10:15AM By : a succha nepali, nepal.com

It is absoluty essential that nepal side for the freedom in the strugle against freedom or terror. be it maoists, islamic fundamentalists, sining path, rim we should stand against terror. But in doing so we should also make sure that we take part under Un umbrella and not an individual nation's side. If the fight against terrorism is a global fight then there should be a global organization up front. It so sad that the terror is now engulfing all of South Asia. Nepal can win the fight against terror only if the politicians do not cling to their petty interests.


SNo : 55 Sep 27 2001 11:27AM By : A Nepali

Still now America is hesitating to attack upon Afgan. But why? Because the Taliban group was first supported by America itself. Now he is unwillingly ready to attack upon Taliban due to terrorism which became danger for himself too. We are also suffered by terrorist activities. Cease of RDX and other weapons from Pakistanis and Afganis, fake indian currencies, Indian Airline hijacks are the proof of terrorism done by Afganis and Pakistanis in Nepal. We had suffered very much economically as well as politically. But we have no power to fight against these activities. So this is the right time and chance to be against such activities.


SNo : 56 Sep 27 2001 1:59PM By : Newar

Yes you have to fight terrorism inside your country first. You have two types of terrorist as mentioned by #64 bir chetri. People of Nepal shouls also understand the form of international terroris as described hereinunder. 1. The leaders of organized crime like the drug cartel, where ever they are in the world, and regardless of their political ties. 2. Clinton for bombing innocent people in the Sudan in order to divert attention from his personal legal problems. 3. Clinton for bombing civilian targets in Serbia. 4. Clinton for being an accomplice in the murder of Bosnian civilians. 5. Sharon for the murder of innocent Palestinian. 6. Sadam for genocide of the Curdish citizens of Iraq. 7. Sadam for the invasion of a neighboring Arab country, and through that act causing the death of over 50,000 Iraqi soldiers and civilians 8. Osama Bin Laden, for international terrorism. 9. The Sudanese heads of state responsible for the genocide and slavery. 10. The Chinese heads of state responsible for mass murder at Tieneman Square. 11. The Chinese heads of state responsible for the invasion of Tibet, and the subsequent murder of Tibetan citizens. Putin for the murder and Terrorists acts against Chechen civilians. 12. Milosevics for genocide and mass murder. 13. Pres. Johnson for crimes against humanity in Vietnam for sanctioning the use of agent orange. 14. Pres. Johnson (posthumous)for the murder of tens of thousands of American service men and women sent to fight a war he would not allow them to win. 15. The heads of state of the Congo for genocide. In fact the heads of state, and rebel leaders of all the African countries involved in genocide and or mass murder. 16. All past US presidents (posthumous) who allowed the genocide of native Americans. 17. Kofi Anan and the entire UN security council for authorizing sanctions against the Iraqi people instead of ordering the arrest of Sadam and bringing him to justice. These sanctions have cost the lives of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens. 18. The Taliban for crimes against it's own people, while using misinterpretation of the Holy Qur'an to justify them. Well you get the idea. Get rid of the corrupt politians from Nepal to get rid of all soert of terrorist acr in Nepal.


SNo : 57 Sep 27 2001 5:08PM By : sb

It is not legitimate to attack a country without any strong evidence of terrorism.Nepal should not follow the policies the U.s.A has put forward because they are chaging with time according to its interest.It will be better if Nepal campaign against terrorism under the global organization like UN.


SNo : 58 Sep 27 2001 5:46PM By : birnepali, sudeeploves@hotmail.com

yah, its right. nepal shpuld fully coperate with the un and america against terrorism. it will be good when there will be no terrors and terrorist in this world. we can move freely around and its good for our future generations.


SNo : 59 Sep 27 2001 6:24PM By : omkar shrestha, omkarshrestha@hotmail.com

no,because nepal is a peaceful land we are in peace.this is the country of lord buddha(the peace maker)we are against the nuclear weapon and we will be forever.we should remain in neutral,and i m against the statement given by ourPM last week that our country land is giving to use for US troop for refueling and flying over our sky.thanks


SNo : 60 Sep 27 2001 6:26PM By : sital

It,s tricky situation to whom we give support to terrorist or mother of terrorist(America).Dont forget that Bin ladenwas born by America.IN the case of supporting To America is really funny .Hei deauba first control terrorist in Nepal.TO give air space to America and other facility is not good idea,cos Its not good to see american plane and soldier in nepal.Dont forget our history.Americaan intension may be not for this war but for future,so that he can Know about china and India.AmericaHaven't done great thing to us so that we should helphim.Who knows terrorist in nepal may be supported by America.


SNo : 61 Sep 27 2001 7:13PM By : ULM should be banished

Of course Nepal should do all it can to fight global terrorism. Political parties who oppose should go and screw thtmslves. Especially that faggot Madav Kumar Nepal. I hope he reads this and knows that I would like kill him.


SNo : 62 Sep 27 2001 7:13PM By : Nepali

"Nepal is a peaceful country", somebody wrote is on one of the threads. So then what about Maobadi, are they peaceful? Country can never be peaceful until the people are. We think we are peaceful but we are not. That's the truth. It's good that Nepal is joining US for fight against terrorism. May be that may bring these Maobadi to justice.


SNo : 63 Sep 27 2001 8:09PM By : Bagalamukhi

why we join any such organisation,It is better for us to remain untouched with any such groups.


SNo : 64 Sep 27 2001 8:19PM By : Satish

SNo : 63. Contrary to what you wrote the taliban did ask any non Muslim (Hindu, Sikh, etc) to wear a yellow ribbon at all time. They also destroyed two magnificent and ancient statue of the Buddha. No woman can work at all neither can girl go to school. But I understand your point, I just wanted to say what is actually happen there in Afghanistan. Thank you


SNo : 65 Sep 27 2001 8:21PM By : deva

Bomb them with butter, bribe them with hope............... A military response, particularly an attack on Afghanistan, is exactly what the terrorists want. It will strengthen and swell their small but fanatical ranks. Instead, bomb Afghanistan with butter, with rice, bread, clothing and medicine. It will cost less than conventional arms, poses no threat of US casualties and just might get the populace thinking that maybe the Taliban don't have the answers. After three years of drought and with starvation looming, let's offer the Afghani people the vision of a new future. One that includes full stomachs. Bomb them with information. Video players and cassettes of world leaders, particularly Islamic leaders, condemning terrorism. Carpet the country with magazines and newspapers showing the horror of terrorism committed by their "guest". Blitz them with laptop computers and DVD players filled with a perspective that is denied them by their government. Saturation bombing with hope will mean that some of it gets through. Send so much that the Taliban can't collect and hide it all. The Taliban are telling their people to prepare for Jihad. Instead, let's give the Afghani people their first good meal in years. Seeing your family fully fed and the prospect of stability in terms of food and a future is a powerful deterrent to martyrdom. All we ask in return is that they, as a people, agree to enter the civilized world. That includes handing over terrorists in their midst. In responding to terrorism we need to do something different. Something unexpected, something that addresses the root of the problem. We need to take away the well of despair, ignorance and brutality from which the Osama bin Laden's of the world water their gardens of terror. It is important that we learn to think in NEW ways. If we continue attacking in the old ways we will get the same old results. Look at what has been happening in the middle east for thousands of years to see what we can expect if we attack with bombs and military force. Do we want to live a life of fear as people in the middle east do?


SNo : 66 Sep 27 2001 9:04PM By : Madhesi Babu

What difference does it make? I know that US gives a damn. The reason for Nepal to join (joke) the coalition is plain. It wants Maoist and the like to "brand" them terrorists and do away with them (day dreaming). DO you think the US does not know this game and accept Nepal's offer to join the coalition? Again, I feel you're joking if this statement of the Government mean a real coalition. Its all and only butterassing.


SNo : 67 Sep 27 2001 9:07PM By : Pepsi, Coke and Batata

Pakistan and India are properly rewarded. Nepal ka number kab ayyega? When will nepal be rewarded by saying that it has joined the coalition?


SNo : 68 Sep 27 2001 9:07PM By : ram prasad

The question of right or wrong is irrelevant, it's the relative strength of a country. It really takes a courage and really costs a lot not to follow the USA in the present context of the world order, and that's precisely what Deuba and his government have understood clearly. If you are interested to see some alternative view from some American philosopher, here is one interesting site: http://monkeyfist.com:8080/ChomskyArchive/interviews/attac k_htmlws/attack_html Nobody is quite sure what kind of disaster it is leading too, but terrorism is a relative term and using terrorism to end terrorism may not be very optimal method.


SNo : 69 Sep 27 2001 9:13PM By : Guptachar at home

Its right and dead right. Nepal has done the best thing as it always has been doing. I heard Jaswant Singh (Indian FM) was calling Deuba a week before and advising to do so. We shall all support the ending of our common enemies.


SNo : 70 Sep 27 2001 9:15PM By : sarve bhawa

Deva (No 81), your ideas are really great. But unfortunately, the world is lead by leaders who are blood thirsty. Bombing and killing help the leaders popularity to sore and sure win for elections.


SNo : 71 Sep 27 2001 9:58PM By : peacelover from world, peacenepal2001@yahoo.com

All the nations in this world should stand against terrorism. They should be transparent in helping each other to fight against terrorism and develope a new world with peace and friendship. Better they can eliminate the terrorism peacefully by pulling out the causes of terrorism not by killing the innocent people (whoever may be due to circumtances around became a terrorist). Terrorists should give at least one oppurtunity to explain their cause of being terrorists and the whole world should unite to solve the cause(problem) peacefully. But ladies and gentlemen there is a tale that "Laat ko Manchhe Baat le Mandaina" i.e. the people who really deserve the punishment would not be convienced with talk(peace). If so then we should also think that whether it would be late to take action against the terrorists of that type so that they would already destroyed the world. For example the Bin Laden and the Talibans (not innocent afganis and muslims) reached to that extinct. So Muslims and the Leftists (Communists) should not divert the need of the war against the terrorism is only the selfish act ot the Captalism and Cristianity. "The terrorists know no boundaries" is 100percent true. So it is the war between the good beings and the bad beings. In that hand the world should unite to eliminate them before the everything is finished. I think now the world is facing the same problem. So the action against the terrorism called by USA seems to be vital issue and is relevant to the time. The 21st century will not be the fight for political boundry but the fight for human rights. So all the good human beings should support the step moved by USA. And the main point to be noted is that the umbrella must be UN not USA, as it is problem of the humankind all over the world. And no nation should stand passive in this matter only saying that we follow the 'Panchasil'. Supporting to the good belief and truth lies within the Panchasil and at the same time bearing the the terrorism with doing nothing(it will be the selfishness) is out of the Panchasil. So Nepal,China,India and all other nations should unite to support the coliation led by UN (in other words UN should support USA in this matter which is good for the world)and solve the problem. People get one life to live then why people of 21st century kill eachother just waisting and sacrifying their lives. "Lets live peacefully and let live other peacefully".


SNo : 72 Sep 27 2001 10:14PM By : Suwarn Vajracharya, Japan, suwan_vj@hotmail.com

Hatred ceases no hatred: Nepal should not join the coilition to any violence. For what happened in the United States, first we are very much sorry and wish all those passed away untimely be reborn as worthy beings and return to be with us. Who ever are responsible for this meanest attack on human beings can not be considered to be the acts of human beings. Therefore, the attackers are not human beings. As worthy human beings we are not suppossed to follow what inhuman beings did in so called retaliation. Many can suggest that only response to the attack in New York and Pentagone should be attack back. I don't think so. In this, the US government must take fullest precaution to not happen it again. As this page is limited to comment on Nepal's participation in the US led International coalition against terrorism, I would like to focus on Nepal's position. Nepal should never ever take part in any coalition that has something to do with violance for Nepal has always been a mediater. Prime Minister Deuva's unilateral commitment to this US-led coalition will bring dangerous conquences to only innocent Nepalese people. What ever resources (such as oilimported for use in Nepal), vehicles (including ground and air)will be used to support the US led coalition. The supply of fuels alone may benefit some but ordinary Nepalese will have to pay black market price for this oil alone. When oil price is up, transportation, food and other essential price will go up. In the name of helping US led coalition, the government should not force the innocent Nepalese to sacrifice for nothing. Let India and Pakistan solve the problem, and let us maintain a middle path. If possible, Nepal should act as a goer-between the US and Afghan governments(including Bin Laden)to find a peaceful solution and win the support of the world for helping solve the problem because "hatred ceases no hatred", the teaching of the Buddha, who preached the message of peace for the world and Nepal is very country where this great master was born.


SNo : 73 Sep 27 2001 11:14PM By : bishnu/america

yes, i read few of discussion ahead. this is free world. each has a differents points of view .in my supervision, nepal should stand with USA and fight againsts terreriosts.you can think in a common sense, this world has increasing voilence in every melo second by this manhunted terreriosts. the name of religion,people are victimizing, and killing every single day. so, nepal should fight against terreriosts with USA.there is no doubt, if terreriosts finished from this world, there might be chance of hope ,peace and freedom.


SNo : 74 Sep 27 2001 11:54PM By : rabindra/canada, rabindraadhikary@hotmail.com

nepal must support to usa. this attact is not only for usa it is the attact to peace and freedom.so nepal must necessary support to the usa.


SNo : 75 Sep 28 2001 12:05AM By : Jack Gurung, Jgurung@bridgew.edu

Terrorism is one of the worst phenomena in the modern world which has become a common nightmare for the ordinary peace loving people of the world. To eradicate this worst form of activity in a true sense, every country including Nepal has to back up the leading nation USA at this crutial time.Nepalese, in a true sense, are also real victims of terrorism.


SNo : 76 Sep 28 2001 1:52AM By : an optimist

All rational human being must support the annihilation of terrorism but at what cost? At the cost of the lives of innocent people(afghanis) who are already dying of starvation? Terrorism is a global problem and must be fought. But inorder to kill a few terrorists we shouldnot murder other innocents and civilians. I think US, must come up with a more rational idea to defeat them rather sending a troop. It will only give them more reasons to strike back. Remember they are not scared of death(it's evident by the suicide attack ). Terrorists are like Mahisasur whose every drop of blood landed on the ground evolves into another demon. So more you kill more terrorists will be born. Obviously, as Bush puts it "it's a long war", it's going to be very long. I believe this war can be fought not with weapons but with education. Many of you must be thinking who'll teach terrorists. We should teach and give good education not to terrorists but to them who are prone to fall in hand of the Bin ladens and saddam husseins and even Baburams coterie.


SNo : 77 Sep 28 2001 3:39AM By : Gai Khane Bahun

TERORISM TERORISM TERORISM You can not say every freedom fighters terorist. Every freedom fighters can not be compared with Osama Bin laden. When I read this site it looks like everyfreedom fighters are terrorist. No, Osama Bin is of course terrorist. But Nepalese people who brought democracy in Nepal by fighting, they are not terorist. Fighting between the forces for good reason has been always, and in future also it will be always. That is why the governments have police and army. Osama is terorist because he killed civilian people. he used civilian plane. he did not give warning. Further more his attach is not political. he never dared to explain why he did this. That is why He is not only terorist, but he is much more worse than terorist. he is the father of terorist. Do not use the word terorist so cheaply for every kind of freedom fighting. it sounds like trying to do CHAKADI to someone if you mix of every war and freedom fighting with this dirty and cowardly meaningless attack of dirty and hatred Osama Bin laden.


SNo : 78 Sep 28 2001 5:39AM By : ramesh

OSAMA BIN LADEN & BABU RAM BHATTARAI-- MORONS!! 1. Both of them are Engineers. 2. Both of them are true believers of killing innocent people for their political gains 3. Both of them want to impose its people something that doesn't work and everybody know it is going backward on time (Maoism -- at least 80 years and Islamic law -- at least 1300 years) 4. They want to impose strict codes for women and lot of social rules for everybody in their rules (in Afganistan women can't go to school or workforce and they have strict dress code. In Nepal they started imposing dress code for women) 5. They don't want people to get educated and strictly oppose people getting education. (in Afganistan school are almost non-existence and we are following that path by parmanently closing our schools and closing other schools half of the year) 6. Both of them think America is the biggest terrorist organization in the world and try to blame every evils to them. 7. All other religion and religious beliefs are wrong 8. They both cannot manage what they already have and they are here to liberate all people from all social injustice (half of the Afgan population goes without food once a day and so is the people on Maoist controlled regions) 8. You can find answer of everything on your "Koran" vs You can find answer of everything on your "Red Book" 9. Courts... What are they? let's have our own religious police vs people's court 10. Both of them are in hiding and cannot face the intelluctial people. They are so coward that they don't dare hear outside of their sandbox. And at last, Even Osama is not killing his own uncles and brothers for his political campaign nor he is widowing his own sisters. He even doesn't orphan all these children whose only crime is that their parents have different beleifs than his.


SNo : 79 Sep 28 2001 7:00AM By : puku

Terrorism is a really bad thing, and I am still disturbed when I think about what happened in NY. But I could never trust George Bush's administartion to do the right thing. I can truly say that George Bus is the most incompetent president that the US has ever seen...he is even worse than Regan. Even though we Nepalies and every one n the world would like to see acts of terrorism decline or disappear, we do not want to blindly support a fanatical and extremist leader like George Bush who plans to bomb the entire nation of Afganistan and kill all the already miserable people who have suffered under 20 years of war, just to kill one another fanatical leader bin laden who is probably already safely hiding somewhere else. I am sorry that I may disagree with a lot of others who have posted here but I would like to point out to you that under his dear father Senior George Bush's administartion, Bin Laden was trained by american intelligence to fight the soviets. Then, Bin Laden was a "good" man, because he was on the american side and now all of a sudden the US intelligent is so sure bin laden was behind the tragic operation, that he is the "bad" guy. I would really appreciate it if our leaders did not put so much faith in Bush. We do not need to support Bush who is so incredulous and stupid that he thinks there is only one side to take, the "good" american side or the "bad" any other side. How about the lives of people? If we are all reply disturbed by Sept 11th's terrorism, then we should never support a similar act of terrorism from the american side to the Afganees. Jai Nepal.


SNo : 80 Sep 28 2001 8:36AM By : Pissed at the Maoists, palen827@earthlink.net

wake up and take a look! When we think that "those" things can't happen to us, we might be fooling ourselves by overlooking what is happening beneath ourselves. Come on, Nepali People, wake up and smell the coffee (tea). Maoists are Terrorists and should all be decapitated just as Bin Laden should be. Despite the pain of centralized government and spending, don't you remember the peace we had before the Maoists??? They call themselves "Freedom Fighters"......right!! and I am the next Krishna Autar!! Killing and gaining freedom was the way during the French Revolution....over 200 years ago. What happened to the true democracy of having representatives in parliament winning votes in your favor. If you feel you are that strong, how come you don't have enough votes to win your will? Therefore, you go out and kill and extort money from innocent people outside KTM valley. Why don't you try extorting from me in KTM valley?!! Because you are too weak and know that those wrong practices will be brought to justice here. Only in your cowardice hideway can you show your might. Come and try to get me and I'll show you the meaning of lile......


SNo : 81 Sep 28 2001 9:12AM By : I hate reds and terrorists

Kill bin Laden, kill the Maoists. they all must die. We will kill them all......


SNo : 82 Sep 28 2001 10:19AM By : Shantideva the Monk, Sydney

The so-called fight against international terrorism is Uncle Sam's problem. He created it in the first place by sponsoring tinpot dictators and proxy wars all over the globe. Now, it's payback time, baby! Why should Nepal stick its neck out for Uncle Sam?


SNo : 83 Sep 28 2001 10:24AM By : ananta, adgharti@hotmail.com

It's not a right decision taken by the government to help us. Bush should not attack innocent people of Afganistan giving the title War on Terrorism.


SNo : 84 Sep 28 2001 11:10AM By : abhishek

It's time for Nepal to make a global approach towards terrorism at the time when she is suffering from the terror and havoc of terrorism in it's own yards.Nepal should fully back the fight for terrorism.


SNo : 85 Sep 28 2001 12:04PM By : chanakya!

look at the 'Traitors' who don't v own vision and Solution but are just Behind foreigners to fullfill their heineous Crime by Supporting foreigners not for real Solution. Let's them to dream and let them to be spoilt by their own Cause! can say ram, ram but not a hand


SNo : 86 Sep 28 2001 1:44PM By : BIYOGI UDASH



SNo : 87 Sep 28 2001 2:36PM By : earth with tear

No, obsolutely not! How can a person make a decision to join a war without even consulting his motherland and her soil? Before he announces anything at internationl level he sould have at least thought of his position. One person is not NEPAL. He is the person who carries his chest without heart and head with out brain. It seems that all the times Nepal mother did a mis take to give a birth to such a disloyal person to an extreme a sinner. He who is hurry to put his mother's chest to walkover outsiders' feet can not respect his mother who gave him birth. Why should he be tail of US? Do look at your own face! shame on you! you are taking aother step to sell Nepal our Mother! That will burn you! be careful. We know you need a bank in US that is what you want nothing more than that.


SNo : 88 Sep 28 2001 3:05PM By : Satya_2

Most of the responses cited between 83 and 92 were anti-American. They don't even understand the importance of discussing the subject matter peacefully arrive at a solution. Even befor writing this response I voted 'yes' and wanted to throw some light on the subject of terrorism. 'Binasha kale biparita buddhi! Do fellows like 91 think 'How one is led to think about someone when someone like Rokka of Rolpa and a 12-year old innocent of Nuwakot had to face the demons?' I think a day will come when they will come to realize it themselves, should terrorism grow and thrive as of today everywhere. So I think it was right to join the world-campaign as decided by HMG/N


SNo : 89 Sep 28 2001 3:13PM By : Mandip Rai, raimandip@hotmail.com

It is definitely just right for Nepal to support US led coalition to fight against international terrorism but the irony lies in the fact Nepal still suffers heavily from domestic terrorism. And curbing this domestic terrorism should be the first priority and Nepal could stand a chance of learning a few strategies from such coalition.


SNo : 90 Sep 28 2001 5:01PM By : jay, jackshrestha@yahoo.com

why not ? nepal is also having such same problem like maoism because who carry gun to kill any people they are terror in my words .


SNo : 91 Sep 28 2001 5:30PM By : Jaya Santoshi Mata

Nepal is a sovereign country .this is not the time for searching the right to affiliate on such group.It is the time for unite for the real development of the nation.


SNo : 92 Sep 28 2001 5:31PM By : ?, ?

Yes Nepal dhould support USA to control terrorism of the world.


SNo : 93 Sep 28 2001 5:47PM By : Murkha sing

Can any body has a moral gound to say I side with rapist, docoits, murderers, Gundas , intimiditaors looters, killers and terrorist?22% people why they have dared to vote against the decision of of the government puzzles everybody.I think thes 22% people must be also brought to justice because they are enemies of the civilization.Freedom doesnot mean you must behave irresposibly.Nature has endowed us weith differnet capacities to be creative . it is fool hardy to try to fight agaist the natural process of justice. We can talk about the way how justice can be done but to say or side with the terrorism like the maoist is insane.


SNo : 94 Sep 28 2001 6:04PM By : Yadav

Yes, it is a good diplomacy from Nepal government,though there is very less chance of using Nepali Airspace.However this kind of government response actually shed lights against the Global Terrorism.As this new type of terrorist attrocities were encountered by USA,then it will be foolish not to support the global response.Even if the USA or any other allied force use for global crisis then i do not think there is the question against our sovergenity and existence of Nepal and Nepali.


SNo : 95 Sep 28 2001 7:40PM By : rajiv gautam,

nepal should too.


SNo : 96 Sep 28 2001 8:23PM By : Malvika

This is a note to all the people who come into this column. You are obviously all computer literate and educated, therefore, atleast have the decency to stick to the question asked, instead of going out of the context by slandering royalties and politicians! Some of the opinions written sound very low down and downright cheap. Have any of your heard of the saying "Manners show Breed"!!!!


SNo : 97 Sep 28 2001 9:55PM By : xxx

I don't understand why the fact that Nepal has supported the US is such a big deal. Firstly the US,probably, has no intention of using Neapli airspace or facilities when they have both India and Bangladesh offering similar inicitives. But it was good anyway that the Nepalese goverment at least had the decency. But it shouldn't given much importance, especially now that we have enough problems of our own.


SNo : 98 Sep 28 2001 10:59PM By : atreya bandhu, atreyaprakash@hotmail.com

i was astonished and shocked when i heard the news of nepal giving its space for u.s interest,w hen usa not asked the nepalese government for the space,why so hurry.as u know its only u.s interest so think.we should adopt only watch n see movemen t.we are indepent and should go with u.s.a to fight against thir empire.so i support binladen in this mode of action.its the same u.s torchering other nations for their benefit,killling lots of innocent people for their political presence,getting world into worst communial war., its of the usa politics only.so main cause is the usa.even our problemn of bhutani is never solved by usa coz they have theirinterest in india to counterattack china n india to get over grip into bhutan.so we should no the reality,let the americans cry,die,let them see wat the violence,hate is.n say weu are the origin not others.so lets go with binladen in this battle with usa fir every nations freedom n soveirgnity.binladen is the real role model in this planet.so lets support him.so nepal government should watch n see,before giving its air space to u.s.end is the refusal of its air space to u.s.a.


SNo : 99 Sep 29 2001 12:08AM By : UK ko lahure aka Nepali thito

I think Nepal should support the USA or UK or any democratic government to fight terrorism - whether it be in one country or in the whole world. As a peace lover and being a citizen of democratic government, I fully support the Nepalese government's initiative in support of the USA against terrorism.


SNo : 100 Sep 29 2001 5:28AM By : Son of Nepal

Nepal is apeace loving country. There's no doubt. But what PM Deuba has announced is not against the foreign policy of Nepal. Today world opinion is to fight against terrorism. Therefore, Nepal not only support US but also ifasked by US should actively participate in this fight against terrorism. Nepalese opposition parties are just for opposition of any dicision made by Govt. This applies to Congress also while they are in opposition. None of the parties think about national interest but for only their personal and party interests. That is why there's growing dissatisfaction in the people.


SNo : 101 Sep 29 2001 6:17AM By : bj, vexy_213@yahoo.com

Nepal should join the USA in an effort to suppress terrorism. In this effort, Nepal cannot help materially, but agreeing to provide airspace in case of need is a good jesture. The USA should also help nepal curb terrorist Maobadis, as one of the so called Maoist leades said he would repeat the case with Singh Durbar and Royal Palace. I donot agree to atreya bandhu #117 in this regard. I think either he is a maoist or belong to another terrorist organization. All the educated and aware people should have a vigilance in people like ateri atreya..and report to the concerned authority. Long live our Constitutional Monarchy! Long live Peace & Stability in our country NEPAL.


SNo : 102 Sep 29 2001 6:21AM By : BKR

Nepal will be absolutely right to show solidarity with the coalition against terrorism. It is a global responsibility that USA has undertaken upon itself to crush international terrorism. What USA is asking is rather a moral support in its aim. Even Russia and Iran, once the mortal enemy of USA, have joined the alliance. Many Muslim countries have risen above the narrowness of religious sentiment and declared support to USA. To show solidarity to this campaign is Nepal’s moral responsibility. It will cost Nepal nothing. When it comes to questions of democratic value, international donation, aid, scholarship or simply a country to slip into to work, USA always comes to the top of mind of those thinking about these things. Today, many resents USA’s might or its perceived arrogance, but the very people like to forget that had it not been the USA, what the world would have suffered under the Nazis, Fascists, Communists expansion. Do we not need such a powerful friend for the future? It is not a war against the Afghanistan, or its populace, although the country has been an open breeding ground for the international terrorists for the sort of carnage of 11 September 2001, when more than 6,000 innocent civilians buried and burnt alive in USA. Those killed were from a vast cross section of nationalities. It was not an isolated case of individual suicide attack for political or personal individual revenge. The sheer size and scope of attack is just now unfolding to be so sinister. What would have happened if all planes were not grounded immediately and those coming to land from other countries were not ordered to be shot down if they deviated from the designated flight path. The investigators are not ruling out terrorists’ plan also to use chemical and other forms of poisons in this diabolic attack. An attack of such devilish nature is only possible after a long secret plan and preparation. The perpetrators must have a base country and a mastermind behind them. That is what the mighty USA is about to destroy for the sake of the civilization. For Afghanistan, the attack against the terrorists can be a blessing in disguise. The suffering of the people under the Taliban regime has been inhuman. They have nothing more to lose. The Allah has decided that enough is enough. After a little pain, the people will be saved from the atrocity after international aid flows in. But, first the terrorists must go. I wish we could do the same in our own country against those Maoists who go demanding food and shelter in the impoverished villages and butchering those who do not or will not oblige.


SNo : 103 Sep 29 2001 11:19AM By : Andy Mali, anak_brunei@email.com

Yes It is very right decision from our Deupa Government. Beacase after the 1991 Nepal has been as a free port of iternational Terror. which cause same time been Airoplane hijaking, Some time High explosive had been founded in the resident of Pakistani Deplomet staff's in kathmandu and The great leaders of the Maost's rebbale the Baburam and Prachnda also linking with international terrorism. Therefore we must stand with ally Nations to fight with them,We must have to wing those Terror and Must clear them out from the World.


SNo : 104 Sep 29 2001 12:11PM By : Niraj Shrestha

I support the government's initiation of providing air space to the US fligt. We can't be away from whatever is happening around the world. As American President Bush said, this is the war of good against evil. In this context, the country or the nation should either support the US or terrorist.Each and every country providing some type of support to eliminate terrorism from the world and Nepal is just trying to be one of the member who believes in making peace. I don't understand why the oppositon parties are opposing the government's support to USA. Do they want to harbour terrorism in the country? Even the labour people can say that there might be a strong relationship between the oppositon parties and The world's most wanted people bin laden.


SNo : 105 Sep 29 2001 1:35PM By : Arjun, arjunkumargurung@hotmail.com

Before we go ahead on international level talk in any matters we must preview our own matters and try to take the responsibility to sort it out whatever the matters occurs in the country.And that is every peace loving countryman's duty not only of the USA.


SNo : 106 Sep 29 2001 7:34PM By : LIMBU COMMUNITY, taplejungmechi@nepal.com

YES, it was right for Nepal to join the US-led international coalition against terrorism by showing good gesture to allow them to use Nepal's air space. Why do you think the opposition parties were against the government's decision? The opposition parties want their VOICE to be heard by the public. Should the government did not propose the US to use Nepal's air space, definitely the opposition parties would have made a different voice demanding the government must allow the US to use the air space. These political parties just want to be on the spot light of media so as to tell the people that they are doing something. But it is worthless. Just think, nearly all the nations around the world are with the US. So, why not Nepal.


SNo : 107 Sep 29 2001 7:37PM By : sri sarbadevaya Nama

why we are thinking about in American's interest and why we never think about our future?


SNo : 108 Sep 29 2001 9:39PM By : KRS

For an ordinary Nepali, the interesting topics for discussion could be something like "How many of Nepalese eat more than once a day?" or say "How many Nepalese has more than one pair of clothes" or " How many Nepalese walk barefoot?". Let us try to be realistic and post relevant subjects for discussion. Let Deoba gets engaged in bull***s like opening his axx for american fighter jets. Everybody knows all terrorists are America's product, let them take care alone. But, patriot Nepalese should think about Nepal and its countrymen.


SNo : 109 Sep 29 2001 10:50PM By : Milan Jung Rayamajhi

I would like to solved this problumb by by table war not by nucliar war.No violance no bloody game,please.Because,i always on the side ofNever,End,Peace,and,Love.Because we are nepali,you aare nepali.


SNo : 110 Sep 30 2001 12:31AM By : linus.Penang. west Malaysia, linusoon@yahoo.com

Please... people ... stop making fuss about whose bombing who... get back to your lives. live your life normal again, you can start by getting your family together and have a nice meal together and enjoy the good times with your close ones. forget what the country can do for you and ask what you can do for your family!


SNo : 111 Sep 30 2001 1:41AM By : NYC basi

I think that its sad that we even come up with the question like this to debate on. what happened in NYC and D.C. was a rape of Humanity and its not a problem of the US alone. If you want to talk nation states, then think about this for a while..."about 60 some countries lost their citizens in the WTC bombing" if this does not justify the reason for Nepal to join the war against terrorism then I don't know what will....


SNo : 112 Sep 30 2001 10:11AM By : kumar

I want everyone to understand that helping the united states is not just for their own interests, it is for the interests of the world, of the global community. terrorism can happen anywhere. it is our responsibility to help the world in combating terrorism.


SNo : 113 Sep 30 2001 10:53AM By : Shanta

yes,I agree to join with US against terrorism,but the attack must be only on terrorists not on the innocent people of either Afganistan or any other countries in the world.


SNo : 114 Sep 30 2001 12:53PM By : rahul rana

I wonder what my friend very patriotic Mr. KRS means by saying that "the patriot Nepalese should think about Nepal and its countrymen". Does that means Nepal should be cut off the outside world??? We should realize terrorists are not just USA's problems it is a curse for the whole humane race!! We can't just say 'we do not care this is your problems take care by your self!!' Tomorrow this disease could infect Nepal too, I think they already have infected as the so called 'People's War' and tomorrow when we are in crisis the world could simply say 'We do not care'. Look at our country, all though the terrorists attacked US, the effects are being felt in Nepal…just look at our tourism industry!! The hotel's are empty, the shops selling artifacts and handicrafts have a deserted look…and 'this is supposed to the High Season'. More the 2000 room nights cancelled after the attacks and my very intelligent friend MR. KRS says this is not Nepal's problem…hah!


SNo : 115 Sep 30 2001 4:43PM By : Vibek II

Terrorism must be uprooted from this world...for better living, safer future and peaceful world. I think Nepal should go hand in hand with rest of the world to outst Terrorism, given that they don't terrorise the normal lives in name of War against Terrorism. Peace!


SNo : 116 Sep 30 2001 5:11PM By : KARMA

America is a democratic country and right now, as a result, it is one of the leading countries of the world. We should all learn from their example. The plane crashes are a horrific example of jealousy shown by lesser people who have no sympathy for the lives of others. I am glad that Nepal has taken the right step to join the coalition. The USA can also respond by helping ordinary Nepalese in any way they can. If they can help us, there will be no internal wars, such as the Maoist problem. As you know, Nepal is poor financially. So, help is required in whatever form it can be given. I SUPPORT THE USA!


SNo : 117 Sep 30 2001 6:14PM By : NETRA ,NAWARAJ,DEEPAK,BIKRAM, lovenetra@lovemail.com



SNo : 118 Sep 30 2001 6:25PM By : tamponade, tamponade46@hotmail.com

september 11th incident is a result of the uncivilized act of the so called civilied people.i'm also one of these people.i try to be smart & show my influence amony my friends & in my society.i want to be the superior .and our civilization teaches us all these things.so natuarally every country including US or nepal if she could, are cultivating these mentality.so to remove the real cause we should redefine civilization & be able to put it in practice which sounds pretty difficult.so i wish nepal could clarify this fact to the world.


SNo : 119 Sep 30 2001 6:26PM By : deshbhakta magar

yes,nepal must stand next to US to eradicate the terrorism from this world.s.no.115 ,what do you mean?But kings are always living gods of our nepal. our scholers,politicians and our king are much aware of these issue.they'll do for our better future of country and people.There is no alternative of royal family/king.


SNo : 120 Sep 30 2001 7:01PM By : kathmandubasi, spandey35@hotmail.com

If this can be termed as a coalition against terrirism then yes, it was appropriate for Nepal to join in. However, the large propoganda that is going on to portray the terrorists as anti golbalisation or islamic fundamentalists or anti civilization is definitely not in the line of anti-terrorism. It is only serving the vested interests that the different groups had. How else could one of the most terrorist state- Pakistan- become the greatest ally in this so called fight against terrorism? And is this a just coalition at all is what I would question!!!


SNo : 121 Sep 30 2001 9:52PM By : KRS

There is no clear defination about terrorism. Those who are terrorists in the eyes of ones are partisans/patriots for the others. Yes, whatever happened with the innocents in the twin-towers and pentagon, and with the passengers of the 4 jet planes is unfair, unjust and condemnable. I am looking for an answer to a question why United States provide USD 5 billion dollars annually to Israeli government only to compensate their defence budget. No, no one will speak about it. Because America so wish that Israel continue its horror in the palestine land. Why no body raises a question, when America through UK finanaced talibans in year 2000 with 50 Million Pounds. They knew that many Bin Ladens are under Talibans umbrella. What if the incident would happened in Shanghai or Moscow instead of Washington and New York. By the way, question of global coalition against terrorism did not came out when series of explsions happened in Moscow. Because, these are the only countries in the world until 1989, where shelter, food, and many other basic things (that western world consider human rights) were considered as the duty of the state to provide to its citizens. The problem is that majority of knowledgeable people in the third world try to overact being knowledgeable, and America like country is takes advantage of it. I do not mean that whatever happened in Washington and Newyork is right, But I want all literates to think why it happened in Washington or New York but not in Adis Ababa or Dar es Salam. Answer is clear there are people who want this to happen there for some reason - good or bad. It is duty of every body to study both sides of coin. Little knowledge is dangerous than


SNo : 122 Sep 30 2001 10:29PM By : saraswati mata

we have the right to join in peace not in such other activities.


SNo : 123 Sep 30 2001 11:50PM By : T.bhatta, gorakhnathbaba@hotmail.com

Because tterrorisom must be rooted out from all over the world.These are the terrorists who spoil everything.Can you ever find any of the terrorists doing well? So this very word must be wiped out from everywhere.


SNo : 124 Oct 1 2001 10:35AM By : Vidhu, vipkayastha@hotmail.com

I have a little reservation on it. Nepal is a soft state. Nepal cannot risks its sovereignty in the name of any alliance. I agree with Larry Dinger, the Charge D' Affairs of the US in Nepal, who, recently in a brief interview with NTV, said that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the cold war between two super power ceased to exist and so does the validity of non-aligned movement. But, Nepal should play a role of a neutral state like Switzerland. And also Nepal could project itself as a place where inter-governmental and multi-governmental issues could be discussed for peaceful settlement. It may look awkward now to say so because of the Maoist insurgencies. The day we are at peace resolving our internal problem of insurgencies; Nepal has potentialities of projecting itself as international platform for peace and development.


SNo : 125 Oct 1 2001 11:04AM By : pasupatinath, pasupatinath@aol.com

we ve to suport USA to fight about terorist,terorist is nation deises,we ve to finis this first.I want to advise nepal goverment,this is very best time to make disition to clear up maobad party.DO not negociat anything with them,just put them in terorist list and kill them. oterwise they ill destory all nation.


SNo : 126 Oct 1 2001 11:21AM By : SIDDABABA, SIDDABABA@aol.com



SNo : 127 Oct 1 2001 1:40PM By : Janardan Karki, jkarki@aton.co.jyu.fi

We have need peace and prosperity of the country, as well as we have need world peace. This age is scientific age. No nation cannot seperate, in any way he is invloving the world's atmosphere.In my opinion terrorism means to disturbance peace, do not like the development of the country,lastly we can say that unsocial manneres, and do not like to see the prosperity of the country and country man. In third world countries are suffering from the hungry and diseaes. in rare cases some of the country's administrators are corrupted and people are suffering day by day. For the welfare state, we have need to minimise the voilence.Without the personel interest, if some of the country's try to wiped out the terrorism, it would be good things for the people of the world. If one community do wrong othere peoples suffer, it is not good things. Innocent people's never be victime. It is my opinion and request to the concerning countries.


SNo : 128 Oct 1 2001 1:48PM By : Malvika

Absolutely Yes!. Terrorism must be wiped up. However totalism in eradication is inevitable, but, trying to curb it will always help. I guess we in Nepal are witnessing somewhat similar terrorisms all around us. We cannot term ourselves with the present situation as a Zone of Peace! We all must realize that Nepal is a very small country, and for a good cause we must take a positive step forward. It is obvious, that we have to fear the world powers, and in anycase, they will be the only ones who will be able to come and help us in times of need. Any sane person can say that whatever took place in the US on September 11, is unthinkable and horrific. We must all understand that this is called forward to end Terrorism and not a jihad or a War Waged against muslims, therefore, we have to forget about color, cast or creed. Anybody with a tiny piece of heart left in his/her body would not do such a thing, these people surely live with simply "Pacemakers"!


SNo : 129 Oct 1 2001 3:22PM By : Peace ful person

Absoultely yes. What about those terroist who terrorise people with open Bribe?. Who should wipe out these GHUSAYAHA People and blackmarketers.? Those terroist who terrorise weak, invalid, women, old and poor people. All goondas are also terroistts.


SNo : 130 Oct 1 2001 5:39PM By : spring from space.

i hate america thats why what did terrarist done is very good and is necessary.


SNo : 131 Oct 1 2001 5:54PM By : Jaya Sri narayan

No any initiation in such activities are required for us.


SNo : 132 Oct 1 2001 6:20PM By : consern person

This is to comrade spring from space who hates America. You miss spelled terrorist. You are terrorist and can't even spell your own name. Screw your self.


SNo : 133 Oct 1 2001 7:06PM By : LIMBU LINGDEN, limbulingden@hotmail.com



SNo : 134 Oct 1 2001 7:15PM By : Nyayapremi Nepali, nyayapremi@yahoo.com

If Nepal wants to remain a non-aligned country Nepal should not involve in any military alignment. USA is trying to be a DADA of world, and Nepal should not be chamcha of USA. In my opinion, one have to find out why and how the terrorist exist, most of terrorist are emreged because of government's wrong policies and bad governance.


SNo : 135 Oct 1 2001 9:03PM By : Deepak poudel

I don't think Nepal alone could do any thing against terrorism . So it is better to join hands with America in order to fight with terrorist.Let's hope America could do something against terrorism with the full support of Nepal and Nepali People.


SNo : 136 Oct 1 2001 9:23PM By : Kancha-Wants-to-Kick-Ass, subodhktm@hotmail.com

Ofcourse it was right for Nepal to 'join' the US led 'coalition'. Don't you know which side our bread is buttered on (if I may use the cliche)?! Our PM knows it well enough to have offered the US our airspace and the use of our poorly facilitated airports. However, his knowledge of geography and strategic military positioning is, to say the least, embarrasing. What would any US led force gain from using a landlocked country's airspace? And, are our airports equipped to handle what that force would be deploying?! A gesture of solidarity and support for the US was definitely called for, but I wish the PM had thought of something more appropriate.


SNo : 137 Oct 1 2001 9:53PM By : S_UPRETI, s_upreti@hotmail.com

Nepal has Maoist terrorist group...Nepal should clean house and ask for US and India or China's support to eradicate terrorism from Nepal. I do not see any different act and philosophy between Maoist and Taliban? Is Nepal Government or the King cripplied to take care of National issue? Why are we negotiating with terrorist?


SNo : 138 Oct 1 2001 9:53PM By : yard man, yardman.com

I am a Jamaica that love your country. so from small island to a small country choose you friends carefully. the US have alway try to be big brother to but never around went you need then the most. the US start some thing in the middle east but they did not finish it ,so it came back in there fact. so I say take care of your home and then the world.


SNo : 139 Oct 1 2001 9:59PM By : KRS

Is not it a shame that the friend from Jamaica has to tell us what a stupid topics we Nepalese are discussing about


SNo : 140 Oct 1 2001 10:07PM By : well wisher, mail4biju@yahoo.com

no nepal is small and week country it should take part in such event if it is helping uas to finish terriost.it is good but if the terroist are finished it is good if they are not they will surtainly try to harm nepal.for example they send 1000 troops to make voilence in the country what can the government do or by some other source what can we do noyhing cause our government is helpless it can do nothing except long speech and making lot of money.i dont know what they are trying to show.they can do nothing


SNo : 141 Oct 1 2001 10:33PM By : Traveller, vew of traveller

This Himalayan Kingdom is beautiful country but ruller are hopless and they do not have any idea how to rule? Now they have problem of terrorism but they afraid to declear as terrorist if they declear they will get support from all countries to control this trrorism but they are hopless government. I saw it is one of the hopless government in the world. When I was in KTM Maoists were collecting money forcely and creating problem. No there is no safe to travel because of those communist terrorism. We do not get alcohol because of this therefore tourist is vanishing soon.


SNo : 142 Oct 1 2001 10:37PM By : ??, ??

Now the hopless government should be strong as India is supporting you.


SNo : 143 Oct 1 2001 11:47PM By : Ashok Raj Pokharel, apokharel@usa.com



SNo : 144 Oct 1 2001 11:49PM By : Reader, reader@email.com

Terrorism is an global problem therefore it is a responsibility of all the Nations to find a common fight. Likewise, our government must make this effort in the jest to fight against terrorism. However, I might say that it is not a war "against Afghanistan" but a war against the Taliban, Bin La Din and others who have their settings to terrorizing the civilians. It seems more likely that the Maoist have also been infiltrated by this terrorist network and therofer should be dealt with the same seriousness.


SNo : 145 Oct 2 2001 12:11AM By : Subedi, subediyr@hotmail.com

Oh terrorism has no nationality it has to be eleminated any where from the world there is no doubt


SNo : 146 Oct 2 2001 12:41AM By : K. Timilsena, kshatra@usa.net

It is right to join US-led coaliation against terrorism because Nepal is very poor country and it also suffers difficulties from the terrorist such as Indian Airlines Plane hijack. That type of bloody thing is increasing in Nepal and Nepal's Security is not taking action against terrorism beacause of lack of anti-criminal knowledge


SNo : 147 Oct 2 2001 1:42AM By : satyamshivamsundaram, sss@lovenepal.com

yes of course. If we want to live in peace and wish to develop, there should be no violence and security should prevail. First of terrorist should be eradicated. Then we should deal with those people who create tension among our community. There should be no communal feelings and thirdly, we should also deal with some netas, who don't know what to speak and act like an idiot. With their nonsense talks people have been scared and have taken away the cash from the country to abroad. what the hell they are talking about restriction on assets or property. If nepalese cannot put their money in Nepal, then we will be merely be beggers and khate in true sense. Let us fix all our enemies one by one. But before that let us give all of them benefit of doubt and start with "ahinsa" but if they do not come to terms and still kill the innocent people then we have to become "Arjun" to win Mahabharat. No more playground for terrorist in the "sundar santa nepal"


SNo : 148 Oct 2 2001 5:26AM By : U Krhon. Lama, umeshposta@hotmail.com

Yes, it was right for Nepal to join US led international coalition against terrorism.The world must be one against any such terrorism to collapse them down now.


SNo : 149 Oct 2 2001 8:32AM By : Buddhi, Buddhik@cs.com

I am agree with pm dicision.We should help to the international cummunity led by us.We should make safer place to our future generation for that we have to secrefice.We should fight against the terroist and eredicate from foot.This the right time to do so.


SNo : 150 Oct 2 2001 8:58AM By : cateye

we should support...


SNo : 151 Oct 2 2001 9:14AM By : who don't like terrorism, antiterrorist@usa.net

terrorism should not let go unnoticed. it should be contained, it is good to form a coalison whoever leads it. it may be US or UN.


SNo : 152 Oct 2 2001 9:29AM By : concen Nepalis

what is the points? all the Maobadis are Terrorist they are killer, kidnepers, lotters, then what is the point? The Gov of Npl join with the US and take the action agains them, lets rise the questino how many Gov in nepal? who has the answer? The Gov of Nepal is completly fail to managed and lead the country,use less y-'''H???.


SNo : 153 Oct 2 2001 10:51AM By : LIMBU LINGDEN, limbulingden@hotmail.com



SNo : 154 Oct 2 2001 12:16PM By : Rashtrabadi Nepali.

No, Because not a single country has a sole authority to lead such issue. Nepal should not follow America or any other country it is a sovereign country and must act like a souvereign country.Only the UNO can and must lead such campaign. In that case Nepal shoul join that force.


SNo : 155 Oct 2 2001 3:01PM By : kiran, kiran@hotmail.com

nepal should support US in this issue related to terrorism as nepal itself is one such play ground for terrorists who are working one way or the other to destabilise nepal so that it becomes easier for them to operate from here.


SNo : 156 Nov 13 2008 9:01AM By : Dwaine Pugh, kdvgjq@xvzcw.com



SNo : 157 Nov 13 2008 9:27AM By : Esperanza Flynn, bshqg@fypw.com



SNo : 158 Nov 13 2008 10:12AM By : Blaine Burke, ioit@mtfbp.com



SNo : 159 Nov 13 2008 2:23PM By : Kris House, ffrq@xsojph.com



SNo : 160 Nov 15 2008 2:33PM By : Angel Mcmillan, sndhzq@noggj.com

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